Lebron James Returned To Cleveland

Lebron James returns. This was truly a night of many happy returns- 38 to be exact. The crowds returned and Lebron returned to the scene where together they previously had the time of their lives. The difference this time was that “The Decision” had been made and LBJ had taken his talent to South Beach to heat it up. Another difference also, was that “The Jilted” came back with the fury of a woman scorned and they let it all out. Give Lebron James credit for taking it like a man. Give the Miami Heat team credit for bringing the “heat” to Cleveland. It is said, “you can’t fight fire with fire” – that is true, but nobody said you could not fight cold with heat. Lebron James did just that. He brought the heat and after a while it was clear that the Cavaliers had melted. It could not have been easy for Lebron James to hear “The Witnesses” boo him so mercilessly. Congratulations Lebron! You showed us how to handle the naysayers. The lesson is, don’t get high off their praises and don’t get low on their curses. It’s a life lesson for all of us. If you have thoughts on this matter, feel free to add your comments. Let’s discuss.


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