Christmas Gifts-Part 1

Hello World,
I was just thinking that with Black Friday just a few days away, how many people are giving gifts this holiday season, and how many people know what gift they are going to give each person on their list? Maybe the better question is to ask, how many people plan to spend more on gifts this year, and how many just plan to take some people off their list so their money can stretch? Seriously, though, have you made a list or are you just going to head out on Black Friday, get the bargains and hope to find something for everyone comes Christmas Day.
Do you have a strategy when you hit the ground running next Friday? I strongly suggest that you have a strategy for getting the right gift (not the perfect gift) for each person. It can be done. Chances are you have the same people on your list year after year and you sort of know their likes and preferences. If that is correct, then you are well on your way to happy faces on Christmas morning. I usually make my list and beside each name I put two or three things I know they would love. When I go shopping I take the list with me and most times I am able to get everything done in one day. Well, that is my strategy. What is yours?